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Angered by jihadis’ attacks on Bangladeshi Hindus, Muslim Women’s Foundation burnt an effigy

200 million Muslims are safe in India among 100 million Hindus, then why are Hindus not safe in Muslim countries – Nazneen Ansari  

A letter written by Nazneen Ansari, National Sadr of Muslim Women’s Foundation to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Varanasi, 27 October

Vivek Srivastava/Vaishali Srivastava

Islamic Jihadis in Bangladesh have shown their intolerance by attacking Hindu temples. Jihadis systematically attacked Durga Puja pandals, massacred Hindus and hatched a conspiracy to drive away Hindus from Bangladesh.The Muslim Women’s Foundation has expressed deep displeasure over defaming Islam and presenting an ugly face of Islam. In a strong reaction to the Bangladesh incident, Muslim women burnt an effigy of Bangladeshi jihadis in front of Subhash Bhavan located in Indresh Nagar Lamhi. Muslim women were holding placards in their hands, on which it was written – Put jihadis in jail, stop atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh, United Nations should pay attention to the atrocities on Hindus, Bangladesh government should protect Hindus. Angry Muslim women beat the effigy with sticks and sent a message to the jihadis to give up the path of violence, murder and Haram or else the whole world would turn against them.Twenty crore Muslims are safe in India among one hundred crore Hindus. Similarly, in Muslim countries why Hindus are not able to stay safe with their worship system. This is a big question for the Islamic world and the whole world should brainstorm now.On this instance, National Sadr of Muslim Mahila Foundation Nazneen Ansari said that the cowardly attack by Islamic Jihadis in Bangladesh is causing hatred all over the world. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina should take this incident very seriously and immediately curb the Jihadi forces. Bangladesh should remember that India got its freedom from the cruelest atrocities of Pakistan. Bangladesh should implement the constitution of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, in which he promised to make Bangladesh a secular nation. Bangladesh should take a lesson from Pakistan that because of this Islamic terrorism and Jihad, the whole world hates Pakistan. The credibility of the people of Pakistan is gone. Pakistan has completely failed to behave like a state. If Bangladesh does not rein in these jihadis in time, then peace loving people of the whole world will also stand against Bangladesh| Najma Parveen, National Vice President of Muslim Women’s Foundation said that the way terrorists and jihadis have spread violence in the name of Islam has made life difficult for Muslims all over the world. No civilized country in the world can accept the new philosophy of violence, murder and oppression of women given by the Taliban. Today the whole world is uniting against Islamic Jihadists. If Bangladeshi Muslims commit the mistake of driving away Hindus, then the sympathy of the people of the world will end with Bangladeshi Muslims. Like Pakistani Muslims, they will also become the object of hatred and will be forced to wander from door to door like Rohingya Muslims all over the world.

Nagina Begum, District President of Muslim Women’s Foundation said that Muslim women are deeply hurt by the attack on Hindus in Bangladesh. Those who have committed such acts should be expelled from Islam and given capital punishment.
Women like Shamshunnisha, Medina, Sabina, Hadisun, Shabnam, Nagina, Jamila, Shaheedun, Shamima, Najma, and many other participated in the demonstration.

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